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Kim Kardashian accused of abusing Photoshop again

Kim Kardashian, Once again accused of abusing Photoshop was mocked on the canvas.

Definitely, this retouching app is not the forte of the most famous family in the United States ! If recently citizens put the shame on Kylie Jennifer for abusing Photoshop, it is now her big sister Kim Kardashian who suffers mockery on the canvas. Very attentive to her image, the 39-year-old star always makes sure that her photos are perfect and this sometimes requires a few small touches.

However, the losers arrive and this recent photo posted by Kim Kardashian on her Instagram account has attracted the attention of her followers for a very special reason.

Looking a little closer at this photo, some citizens noticed on the right side of Kim’s head two fingers appear in her hair while her hands are placed against the wall, a detail that obviously made a lot of laughter:


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“Photoshop never liked Kim Kardashian ! There is always something wrong with his photos”

” they forgot to remove the fingers ” one could read in particular.

One thing is for sure, Kylie’s sister will have to redouble vigilance if she does not want to be the object of mockery again. Still regarding Kim Kardashian, unsettling revelations say she would be on the verge of breaking up with Kanye West since confinement.


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