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Jessica Jones: will Daredevil hold back the villain Jester in Season 2

Jessica Jones: will Daredevil hold back the villain Jester in Season 2

The Joker villain could be the link between Jessica Jones and Daredevil in the style of Kilgrave, a very surreal villain in the comics but with a great pose within the Netflix series.

Jessica Jones has become one of the most recognizable superheroines in the Marvel Television Universe and we already want to see her on the big screen.

With the impressive performance of Krysten Ritter, Jessica Jones has confirmed a second season where we hope to see new crossovers.

In the first we saw Luke Cage, who premieres his own Netflix series in September and we have faith in seeing Iron Fist and, above all, Daredevil in Season 2.

In the final part of the second season of Daredevil, we see how the Office of Nelson & Murdock and Alias Investigations are in the same hallway, right in front of each other, giving us a very big clue: Jessica Jones and Daredevil are going to match sooner than later.

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And Season 2 of Jessica Jones would be ideal. For this we have to look for a link and we have found it in the villain Jester, a jester who in the comics is arrested and imprisoned by Daredevil and that fits very well with the tone that had Kilgrave inside Jessica Jones.

Struggling actor Jonathan Powers thought he had finally had his stroke of luck with an Off-Broadway performance.

Unfortunately, his performance was vaporized by critics and booed by the public.

He began practicing fencing, gymnastics and bodybuilding in the hope of aspiring to a greater variety of roles, but all he got was work as part of a comic duo on a children’s television show.

With this disenchantment he decided to devote himself to crime acting with Tinkerer, specialist in creating unusual weapons from Toys.

Dressed in a jester suit, Powers began calling himself Jester and embarked on a chain of crimes in New York using his toys and deadly artifacts.

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It soon came into conflict with native superheroes like Daredevil and this could be the perfect link to the Jessica Jones series. In fact, we hope so to see Jessica Jones and Daredevil together in season two.


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