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Explore a 3000-year-old Egyptian tomb from your couch

Explore a 3000-year-old Egyptian tomb from your couch.

Fascinating , mysterious, mythical and bewitching Ancient Egypt still holds many secrets.

To try to break through some of them, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and monuments offers us an unprecedented virtual tour of the Tomb of Ramses VI from our sofa.

Great pharaoh who reigned over ancient Egypt more than 3000 years ago, Ramses VI was entitled to a tomb worthy of the name.

Located in the main alley of the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, this beautiful tomb can now be fully visited from your sofa.

The advantage ? We avoid the endless queue, and the millions of tourists who flock to it every year. One more good news confined.

An immersive experience

5th pharaoh of the Twentieth Dynasty of ancient Egypt, Ramses VI reigned from 1145 to 1137 BC and resisted throughout his reign the increasingly ambitious religious power.

At the end of a long tunnel adorned with mysterious hieroglyphs and burial engravings – supposed to help the King safely pass into the afterlife-we are plunged into the beautiful tomb of the Pharaoh.

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It will be necessary to be patient and curious to discover, finally, its sarcophagus nestled in a beautiful funeral room.

Throughout the journey, historical information takes care to guide us. An immersive exploration that has been made possible thanks to the 3D modeling technology of the prestigious Harvard University !

When there’s more, there’s more

Other virtual tours of tourist sites are already available, such as the 5,000-year-old and beautifully preserved tomb of Queen Meresankh III.

It is also possible to visit the Sultan-Barquq mosque, located in Cairo, marvel at the paintings of the Red monastery or explore Egypt’s oldest synagogue, the Ben-Ezra synagogue.

A legendary place since it is there that Moses would have been collected in his basket by the daughter of the Pharaoh, and then would have grown there.

A nice way for Egypt to promote its heritage and make us want to go visit all its cultural wealth once the confinement is completed.

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The same building also houses the famous treasure of Tutankhamun, dating back to the second millennium BC, and we look forward to being able to make his private visit !


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