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About Us

Welcome to In Africa Today, we would like to meet your curiosity to know more about us.

In Africa Today was founded by Emmanuel Dominic, to help rebrand and strengthen the Public with African stories, tales and mysterious news behind the red-wall of all the continents.

In Africa Today has been praised for its accurate news and numerous articles across African countries. In Africa Today strives its best to connect, strengthen and celebrate black people around the world.

In Africa Today is more than just a news portal, we are currently building a highly interactive and dynamic online destination for News-readers around the world to collaborate, communicate, stay informed and exchange ideas on global issues.

In Africa Today offers you a wealth of tools to grow your career or business. Information is Power! we uncover stories that you may never have known existed.

It is really up to you as an individual to determine the level of your success by flying on the information and platform that we offer.

Our goal is to offer a platform where Africans of great talents, young entrepreneurs and technological innovation can be made known to the other Africans and the world.

Our mission

The world is moving fast, we are on a rescue mission to transform the minds of our people and enable them to move faster by igniting the passion, enthusiasm, optimism, motivation, curiosity, vision and culture of winning. And never to stop at the Impossible.

Our vision

We aim high. We want to offer better services and solutions than anyone else and offer the best possible user experience on our websites. That is why we want our users/subscribers to think that we are the best career partner.

Our people

Our team consists of optimists who know that technology can help the world. We are a group of IT professionals, passionate about technology and an innovative approach to problem-solving. We do not take no for an answer and we love to do things crazy, the impossible because in our heart we think they will work.

We work all over the world. As long as we are connected to the internet, our team exists in the limitless world.

In Africa Today’s Team

Emmanuel Dominic – Editor

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